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adding more weight to certain exercises..,

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  • adding more weight to certain exercises..,

    I really believe in the theory of always adding weight so that I get stronger--thus bigger so I always try to add weight to my big lifts like deads,squats and bench and milatarys even if its just a few lbs--but it hard to constantly add weight to my biceps lifts and my tri lifts--what can I do??

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    Use more juice man, jk

    I don't think that you have to CONSTANTLY add weight, just so long as your pushing your muscle are far as they can go, you're doing what you can

    I too have trouble feeling like I've really worked out my bicepts. I go 'til failure but the next day they feel fresh.
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      Don't know really what you can do about it...


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        Bi's and tri's are relatively small muscles....not easy to make huge strength gains, especially with bi's.

        You may want to experiment with eccentric movements.."negatives".

        Fortunatley the bi's do recover rather quickly since they are small compared to muscles in the upper legs, back, etc.

        You could even train bi's once every 3-4 days w/o overtraining them in all probability.
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