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dymatize vs nature's best

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  • dymatize vs nature's best

    Because I'm lactose-intollerant I'm looking for a wheyproduct
    that contains no lactose.

    I found a product called Zero Carb Isopure from
    Nature's best.
    The say there is no lactose in their product.
    But the problem is, it isn't availlable in Belgium

    Now, I can buy a wheyproduct in my gym called:

    Dymatize Isolate 90

    It's also pure protien, and it looks the same as the isopure.
    But the say there is minimal lactose.

    The problem is that minimal lactose is not ok for me, because
    Optimum whey, CFM whey has also very low lactose, but it
    still gives me problems.

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    My question is:

    Would the Isolate 90 from Dymatize worth trying?
    Is it the same as Isopure from Nature's best?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I was a distributor of Texas, with a very good product line. A lot of their stuf is a knock off of other top shelf products formula. All their products have always been top notch. their Andros were incrdible as well as they thermos. Their whey products are as good as they get.
    I highly recommend Dymatize as well as Isopure, which is my preference.
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      I use the Isopure and have no problems. I believe I'm also slightly lactose intolerant as I get very bloated and bad gas with any type of whey concentrate. But if you use a whey Isolate it's a much cleaner product and usualy lactose free.
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