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  • More steriod news

    I picked up a copy of USA-TODAY last night and the whole sports section was devoted to pro wrestlers dying from drug usage.
    Like we need some more of this BS.

    About 65 wrestlers have died from various things in the past 7 years or so...and of course AAS and GH are to blame. :chair:

    Most of these guys that died, from what I read were living the fast life complete with party drugs and especially painkillers.

    One idiot even said he took 150 pills a day.....nimrod. He is selling cars now in SC.

    Lots of em had bad cardiac health and died from heart problems.

    Guess the reporter figures AAS is worse for the ticker that cocaine and crank and booze.And McDonalds.

    Some deaths were attributed to tearing of the heart muscle......hhhmmmm seems like 54 y/o John Ritter died of the same thing.

    Maybe Ritter was hitting the sauce for that "Teenage Daughter "tv show.....gotta keep those young punks away from his hottie daughter ya know.......
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  • #2 beat me to it. My wife and I stayed at a hotel last night for some 1-on-1 time away from the kiddies and I picked one up as well. Had me pissed off reading all the crap that these people were taking (cocaine, painkillers, etc) yet steroids were what was harped on. I think I may write a rebuttal to the article here in the near future....

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