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Why you shouldn't do calfinjects...

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  • Why you shouldn't do calfinjects...

    Injecting into the calf has unique risk that most people arent aware of. The problem is that there are numerous veins below the knee that empty to the popliteal vein (A DEEP VEIN). Some of you may read my posts on cardiac test I run injecting air into the vein to assess cardiac structure and that is not a problem if you get an air bubble in the vein. But This is slightly different if you inject through and damage or inject enough to compress a calf vein, then the blood flow may be interrupted enough to cause clot formation. The lowerlegs are not that good at moving blood and leave them vulnerable to clot. I had a young pt that had a stroke that formed in his calf b/c of trauma from a surfboard hitting the back of his leg and travelled up his vascular system across a small hole in his heart and up to the brain. This can also cause clot to form and the leg will swell and usually feel warm to the touch. THe clot can literally grow up the calf veins into the deep veins called DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS. NBC reporter David Bloom died of that in Iraq when clot travelled up to his lungs and kills nearly as much as heart attacks in th US. Shooting in the calf can put you at a small risk for this and should avoided. If your leg is swollen go to your doctor or ER. They'll do a test called a leg venous duplex to rule out clot. Basically they use ultrasound to see of there is clot in the calves, I used to do it all the time and is noninvasive. Do yourself a favor, if its swollen, warm to the touch, and some redness then get it checked out. Dont inject into the calf, the risk is small, but its not worth the risk, Ive seen people get these from sittin too long, long airplane rides, etc...It does happen."

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    That's another good reason not to do it. I just won't do it because I don't want to limp around for two or three days.
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      Thanks for the info...... I think I'll still take my chances now and then.....
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        I don't think I will inject there.. haven't done it before either


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          Yeah, calfs would be the last on my list of things to inject. I'd do pecks way before calfs. They're on my things not to inject list, right next to jaw muscles.
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            I never saw a point in doing it! I have heard it is painful as well, I believe it was xcel!

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