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Suggestions for Diet?

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  • Suggestions for Diet?

    I don't mean how many cals. etc. I mean how to plan for it. Diet is all about planning. What are some suggestions on how you keep you plan?

    Like to you grocery shop every Sunday. And cook every Sun and Wednesday for the rest of the week?

    What do you guys that have your diet down 100% do? Help the rest of us please.
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    I definitely don't have dieting down 100%, but here's a few things I do.

    For breakfast I get everything out the night before. If I'm having oatmeal, I get the bowl ready and the oatmeal measured. I also have my water already in a shaker so I just have to add the protein powder, shake, and drink. My mornings are rushed already, so every extra minute I can save helps.

    I cook all of my lunches on Sunday night for the week. I put them into individual bowls so that all I do is just pop them into the microwave.

    For dinner, I usually take something out in the morning so it can defrost. Fish, steak, etc. then my wife will get it ready for me when I get home from the gym.