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  • shots i have ?s

    Do you give your shot to the muscle your going to work that day. Like today i did shoulders i hit both shoulders up with my tiny dose of prop that i run


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    Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't..... I don't plan to shoot in the bodypart I am working that day, but if it falls that way in my rotation then it's no problem.....
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      I shoot in the muscle that hurts the least that day - lol.
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        Unless you're using ester-free gear, it's not going to be utilized locally. It'll get released into your system as the ester dissipates - not where it's injected.

        There's some argument that test increases IGF-1 locally - where it's injected. I don't think it's going to hurt anything, just don't expect it to be advantageous.

        Now I'm using all ester-free gear, which means ED pokes. So I can't avoid hitting a muscle that I'm going to be working - but that could be advantageous with ester free gear.

        The down side to injecting the muscle that you'll be working is that if the shot goes bad or "hurts somewhat" (like sometimes they do ) it could hinder your training.

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          For me, it depends on the how much gear is going. Larger doses go in larger muscle groups, smaller doses go to smaller small muscle groups.
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            I like to shoot quads on leg days. It makes it feel as though the gear disapates better. Maybe it's all in my head.
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              Originally posted by jaywooly
              I like to shoot quads on leg days. It makes it feel as though the gear disapates better. Maybe it's all in my head.
              Most things are all in your head...... you should get that checked out....
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                I try to pick my injection sites so the soreness doesn't interfere with the bodypart I train the following days. Basically I won't inject into a bodypart if I'm training that bodypart within the next 2-3 days. Injection soreness can really screw up workouts so this is very important for me.


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                  I workout early in the morning and I typically shoot at night, or whenever there isnt anyone around. If it happens to be in the bodypart that I worked that day or am working the next day, so be it.

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                    im not talking about it giving me growth there, i do not belive in site injs.

                    But i feel as if sometimes i get really sore the day after the shot, so shoulders was today, and legs tomorrow, so i just choose the muscle group.

                    I also feel it takes away the oil faster when doing the body part more blood there, Just like putting a heating pad on your inj site


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                      Yeh, I agree. Working a bodypart right after you stick it helps dissipate the gear better. The soreness doesn't hapen for me until 5-10 hours later so this doesn't interfere if I train right after an injection.


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                        I don't shoot in delts etc. just glute and quad for me..


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                          Glutes and delts...kind of a rotation thing...
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                            Originally posted by footballcat
                            I also feel it takes away the oil faster when doing the body part more blood there, Just like putting a heating pad on your inj site
                            I don't feel it disipates the oil faster but I do believe that it helps so that you don't get an oil lump in that muscle. I usually hit my shots right before the gym and hit the muscle I am going to train if it is delts, tris or bis as I only do my shots right now in those areas. I feel that this way, the soreness isn't as bad and the oil ends up spread over the muscle better than if I didn't train that muscle and the oil just sits there in a lump - even massaging it doesn't help much to spread it out.

                            I started doing this after the voluminous shots of synthol and gear that I was doing last year. I felt it worked so well with the synthol that it would work well with just gear, too.

                            Just my opinion......

                            ADD: I sometimes notice a decrease in strength, though.

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                              I don't necessarily shoot a bodypart before I train it, but sometimes it happens that way. I don't generally get sore after an inject so I just shoot wherever I am in the rotation.

                              footballcat - if you feel more pain by injecting and then training the same bodypart then try the opposite. Find what works for you and go with that.