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What's the most you've (from heckman)

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  • What's the most you've (from heckman)

    shot in each spot?

    just name what spot you've hit and with how much (highest #'s only).

    I'll go first.

    Quads 2.5 mls
    glutes 2.5 mls
    delts 2.0 mls

    That's the only places i've hit so far. And I would go 3 mls in each of those spots that I did 2.5 but I've never had to take a shot that called for 3 mls. I use 200mgs a ml prop (ouch!).
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    3ml and no more than that, quads, glutes, delts


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      I can't mention names but I have seen someone do 40mls in one sitting (different sites of course). Very misguided fellow, of whom I would have expected much smarter behavior considering his status. Remember, it's the abuse that ruins the game for everyone and not the smart way of going about it.


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        3ml, but .5 was B12


        have done pecs, but it was only 2ml
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          glutes 5c
          quades 4cc
          delts 3 cc
          peck 2 cc
          tri 2cc
          bicep 2cc
          lats 2cc
          calf 2 cc
          rip jim and chris
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            Quads was 2.5 ccs (just the other day actually Test/Fina).

            Everywhere else has been 1 cc. Im a puss, what can I say...

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              That's a lot of juice for a buttcheek Jack Hust!!


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                3cc to the glutes...piece of cake..or maybe I just have a big butt..
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