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    My delts are my best bodypart and I can't do anymore than 1/2CC into them at a time. Here's what happens when I stick 1 CC in....

    Even just 1 CC and I'm red and swollen down to my elbows for a week! It's weird. I've stuck Denkall cyp, Infar sust, schering primo, QV enan, eq and winny in them and everything seems to have the same impact.

    I get sore after flu shots in them for a couple days, but they never got red and swollen for a week like after an AS shot. This is why I try to avoid them if I can.


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      i only go as high as 2ml in delts but then again mine are probably not quite as big as most of the members here. i would rather be safe than sorry


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        2ml is a good amount for a delt shot, i've done 3ml's but wouldn't recommend it to anybody, and I've never done it again...not worth the risk in the long run.
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          do you really think 3ml is a lot for a delt?

          I dig the lateral and rear delt inj's....
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