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  • the ARNOLD

    wow what i great time! im only sorry i could stay longer! i saw shiko and scoprio and weird al and kid and chelle and suzy g and oh aaaa ccapel the legend mike s and his side kick b2k..... kidrock is getting lean fellows... ran into Ko chandetka and carlo philapone ( both have been top 5 at USA's) these two have been good freinds too me and my wife..... the big question i was asked whats dp doing this year! wellll first off keep my job.......... my company want me to transfre from cincy to indy.... (ie more travel) so its a waiting game on competing!... yes i would like to do the NOrth Americans in Sept but only time will tell i will be accepting donations though..

    send them to
    lets help dp get larger
    101 kidrockway
    midwest USA.
    RIP my friend -KidRok

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    good luck dp!!
    "Well done is better than well said"



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      Let me tell you all the DP is the MAN! He and I could use the same squat rack without needing to adjust the bar height!
      And yes he speaks WAY better than he types....complete sentences and everything!!! LMAO
      And DP, after this show, the largness shall fall upon me bro!
      (PS. we gotta get together to train someday!)
      "...because I won't accept that I can't."

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        it is great meeting another verticly challenge bro LOL........... hell yesturday while doing leggs i kept repeating IM PRETTIER THEN KIDROCK IM PRETTIER THAN KIDROCK................................ well then i fell into a bought of anxiety and took some paxil yea thats it..

        RIP my friend -KidRok


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          Even my goat is prettier than KidRok for that matter... And it doesn't even need to do legs to know that...


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            :grumpy: From one redhead to another (he knows who he is)......I'm hurt. How could you forget moi? Just cause I could bearly get 2 words in between you & Kid gabbing your heads off. lol
            Kid's Wench :flex: and Bon-Bon's sis
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              im sorry

              i forgot to mention kids loevely wife. It was a pleasure meeting all of you this weekend
              RIP my friend -KidRok


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                DP, you're too funny bro. I wish I could have been there to hang out with you guys...I would have been surprised you are both shorties.


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                  I am just glad that you weren't one of the fortunate 50 or so that received subpoenas at the show.

                  Did you see anything as far as the presence of the DEA? I am curious as hell about this because I really think it could be a potential black eye for professional bodybuilding.


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                    I didn't see anything but heard people talking about it. Wasn't sure at the time what they were talking about.
                    Kid's Wench :flex: and Bon-Bon's sis
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                    *use FXL222 for a discount on your 1st purchase


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                      a few guys in sports coats
                      RIP my friend -KidRok