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Guzzling water at meal time?

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  • Guzzling water at meal time?

    I've been wondering about something. I've read in some places that drinking a bunch of water (guzzling) at or near mealtime is a bad idea. I don't think drinking 8-10 oz of water with a meal is any issue.

    It seems to me that if you drink a bunch of water, you might hinder digestion and harm absorption.

    I've searched the web and have found articles that encourage drinking water with your meal but that is not what I'm interested in. I'm interested in the case where people drink a bunch of water.


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    No Idea bro, but I know I drink a minimum of 1 litre at each meal through out my day, helps keep my kidneys clean, and its easier to down the food with lot of water. I would be curious to know as well, if it does affect absorbtion of food at all?
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      There is a balance, a half gallon could theoretically dilute the stomach acid and slow digestion.
      But a good amount of water (few glasses) is necessary for digestion.
      If you do not have enough water during a meal the body will draw water from outside the stomach to aid in the digestive process.
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        As a rule of thumb while bulking I always try to get my protein in first drinking minimal water. Maybe just a sip here and there to aid in digestion. Drinking too much water at a meal is a good way to fill your stomach up and hinder the amount you can eat. When I start taking in carbs, I tend to drink about as much as I want. When I am dieting, I drink a ton of water (2-3 gallons) throughout the day and do not limit it during a meal.
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          During the meal, I usually drink a big glass of water just to help with absorbtion. Then, during the day (when I'm at work like now ), I have a big jug of water that I just sip from all day. That way I get in my gallon of water in per day.
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