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Are you taking the long path to your goals?

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  • Are you taking the long path to your goals?

    Most bodybuilders take the long road instead of the short one. Why? They always do too much and are always trying to ensure "complete development" of each muscle. Usually to the point of getting little or no development. How many reading this do three lifts or more for your chest? WHY?? Unless you are benching at least 300 for reps WTF is the point of doing so??

    I train a lot of people and one of the questions on my questionnaire is about what the lifters primary focus is, and about 75% of the time the answer is SIZE. That’s all well and good, but many of those stating this bench 150-175 and squat 200-250. These guys should not give a damn about size until they have some strength. But.......the mainstream BB mags distort the truth about effective training so much the message is usually lost.

    The shortest route to your goal will be to first get a solid strength base going, THEN worry about "complete" development once you have something to refine. This is accomplished the fastest doing a strength-based routine, not a BB'ing routine with many sets, many lifts, and many days in the gym each week.

    The fastest way to build a solid strength foundation is to do a conventional, westside barbell, or hybrid powerlifting routine. But tell a guy this that wants to be a BB'er, and they will always say, I'm a bodybuilder not a powerlifter (not that you can usually even tell if they lift weights by looking at them--lol) so that falls on deaf ears. But powerlifting routines build strength at the fastest pace, and enough size to keep most anyone happy.

    Want something you can call BB'ing? Do a 5 x 5, an abbreviated HIT routine, or DC style training. Call it "Powerbuilding" and you are on your way.

    Why take the long road? This is a synopsis of an article I'm writing. Look for all the details in the article soon.

    Iron Addict

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    good read IA. i look forward to reading the article. iv'e always enjoyed your posts
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      As usual, another good read. Thanks IA
      Train like a freak, every time.