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Albacore tuna?

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  • Albacore tuna?

    Anyone else beleive that "albacore tuna" should be eaten sparingly? I read an article in MD's March issue stating that albacore has too much mercury in it and to eat (1) 6oz. can once a week only. Also, stated that regular tuna in water has less mercury. Does this really matter? I eat only albacore tuna and prefer it. What do you bros think? Any opinions?
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    The amounts are nothing more than trace and are not known to be at toxic levels..Otherwise the Food & Drug Admin would be watching this very closely. MOst of your cold water fish is ok. However there have been some trout in Colorado to have toxic levels of inorganic minerals from the mining there.
    So eat your tuna!!!
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      I've never gave it a second though. I figure if they let you buy it by the case, it aint gonna kill you.
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        I read the same thing, but the risks mainly involve pregnant women (if i remember correctly)
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          I just heard something the other day about this, but the story I saw was talking about feeding it to little kids (under 50lbs, I think?). I prefer albacore as well, but for me, it has to be the solid white as the chunk light tastes too fishy...

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            I don't worry about that. I eat albacore alot these days...I hear it's a higher quality protein than regular tuna.


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              Heavy metals? Hell ,I thought we dealt with heavy metals all the time?:showoff:
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