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  • your favorite cutting cycle

    what is your favorite cutting cycle and doseges..? and why...
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    Everyone knows my answer.

    I'm a big advocate for the prop, tren, winny cycle.

    Depends on cycling experience and how tese products work for you but I've had great sucess with just...

    150 mgs prop EOD weeks 1-12
    112.5 mgs tren EOD weeks 1-12
    50 mgs winny oral weeks 7-12

    Probaby could have went lower on the winny. made me break out like hell!

    I've since tried that cycle, uped doseages and injected ED and haven't noticed that much of a difference. I guess it affects everyone differently.

    YThe reason I like? I love tren. It just gives me gains like I've expeirienced with nothing else. I love prop, and it's a must with tren. Like I said, I wasn't all that impressed with the winny at that dose, I may go lower next time.
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      i think everyone is big advocate of prop/tren/winny
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