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    OK...Here's the article that I refered to in another thread.Written by Darren Mead who as you may or may not know used to work with/for (depending on who you ask) Met-Rx among other high profile supplement companies.This was written a few years back and was first printed in Trevor Smith's (RIP) GEAR U.Z.R. magazine.....


    by Darren Meade

    You've been getting ripped off,fucked-over and done with no lube right in front of your face.
    Maybe it didn't dawn on you, or maybe it did,those Ferrari's,$500,000.00 give aways and luxury vacations are payed for by us.What kind of quality can be going into those products? They can afford their own magazines and give away half a million in prizes and all for using their stuff.Then,of course, they have to pay the employees that work for them.Wonder how they do it? I'm going to tell you.

    And just who am I to be saying all this? What's my background? My angle? Simple really. I've either been a partner or consulted with ,the three major supplement companies in sports nutrition.Oh, did I say partner? Exactly.Did I take part in these scams I'm going to tell you about? No. Instead, I left these wanna-be businessmen/bodybuilders and took three years off from the industry.Because some of these companies had me sign confidentiality agreements (gee, think they have anything to hide?) I can't go into a lot of detail,I can,however, refer you to an article written in the Orange County Register on the front page of the business section and you can draw your own conclusion. One last thing before we get started. I began bodybuilding as a bantamweight and eventually won the IFBB North American Middleweight title. Like you, I'm a hardcore bodybuilder and when my partners wanted to screw you over to make more money for themselves....that's when I had a problem.

    Do you know how these companies formulate products? If you were like me, you believed they simply designed the products first (i.e. 80 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs,etc.,etc.) and then they arrive at the price you pay at your local gym or store. WRONG!!

    This is how they do it. Most companies go to a manufacturer "recipe house".When they get there they have an outline of a product and they tell that manufacturer they only want to pay $6.00 per 2.2 lb. can or pack. (Sorry guys, $6.00 is the max most companies pay and I'll tell you why later.)
    Now these "recipe houses" are interesting places.Say you want whey protein isolate in you product. This "recipe house" will have whey protein isolate vats marked A,B,C and D or 1,2,3 or 4, the point being, there's four blends. Now the first one is 100% pure isolate, the second one is 95% pure, the third one 75% pure and the fourth only 65% pure. Well, at $6.00 cost, they cannot afford A or B. They have to pay for all those six page ads next month and afford to drive their Lamborginis, so you get blend C in your product. I hope all those fillers won't give you gas and make you feel bloated.This process of choosing blends continues on throughout the products development.That means your protein content, carbohydrate content, vitamns and minerals have all been lessened to make their profit margins.

    Wanna know something even sicker? Once these guys develop any reputation at all and bring in the new suits and accountants, they will sit in a board meeting and show a projection of profits by dropping the price of the COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold) if they simply dropped from blend C to D. Ever wonder why a product you've been using suddenly gives you gas or smells and tastes different? Blend D has arrived in your supplement/total nutrient product.

    These big companies feel they can get away with it because they have developed a reputation of quality by then and they figure as long as they tell you it's fine and bombard you with ad after ad, you'll ignore your instincts and believe them,even though you're racing to the bathroom to avoid shitting your pants. How messed up is that? You make the owners and employees of these companies multi-millionaires, and, in turn, they betray your trust by cheapening the very product you buy.

    Ever notice how these companies then try to distance themselves from bodybuilding and take a more "mainstream" approach? Yeah,we (the bodybuilders), were good enough to make them rich (it was our hard, chiseled physiques that people noticed when we were out in public and asked, "How can I look like that?" or, "What should I do?") and when we mention we use Brand X and now Brand X has a new customer, do we get thanked? No! We get some cheap-ass blend put into our products instead!

    Now, before I ask you to help me show the rich boys where they can put Blend D, let me explain one more thing to you.

    At the beginning of the article, I mentioned a $6.00 cost of most 2.2lb cannisters and 20 packs of MRPs. Let me explain the standard pricing equation in this industry. It's simple, really. The multiple used is between 6.5 and 7.5. This means you would take $6.00 and multiply it by 6.5 or 7.5 which gives you either a $39.00 Or $45.00 retail price. Do those sound familiar? That means you are paying between $39.00 and $45.00 for a product that might cost $6.00 to make and I stress the word MIGHT.

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    Sounds like the typical jaded lover...

    I wish I knew which place would produce a 5 lb jug of protein for $12 for my company...

    It always bothers me when someone who used to do something all of the sudden finds a conscience for some reason (gee, I wonder?) and then decides to "spill the beans". Normally, the "truths" these individuals tell are more bullshit than truth.

    In the end, companies which do business the right way will thrive and those that do business the wrong way will be found out.

    Hmmm, I wonder what that fellow is doing today?
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      He made millions in his settlement with Met-Rx the last I heard....
      I believe he speaks the truth.
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        I'm sure some do and some don't. The question is how do we as consumers find out who is good and who is bad. Is gas the only way we can tell if a protein is bad?
        So you have the rest of the article?
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          I don't want to seem biased but I am going to try and put together a thread on the advantages of bulk protein companies.
          So many kids are brainwashed by fancy labels and tasty shakes that they blow 1000's out of their proverbial asses and wallets with little or no gains to show for it off of inferior mixes.
          The biggest myth is that these companies manufacture their products.
          Assemble or blend is more like it...muscle milk's claim to have copied the protein forumula of mothers milk...LOL well that will only work in a baby whose cells are highly receptive to any compound for growth...on and on we all could throw out examples.
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          Discount Code MASSG

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            Typical business practices, its a shame really.

            Another example would be Fosgate car amps. All manufatured and hand made in the U.S. Then about 2 years ago, they got a big contract with best buy, and now all there amps are made in china, and other third party manufaturers. They killed there old school customers, just to get more mainstream sales.
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              I used a well known protein for quite a few years not too long ago and then found out much the same thing that the article speaks of. Even I was surprised to find out the truth as I really thought that this particular company would not follow in the footsteps of the usual suspects.

              This one particular guy MAY be jaded but I have witnessed the same thing that he talks about, first hand. He is not the only one to have said this.


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                I don't want to turn this into a company bashing thread, but could some of you guys fill in those of us that are less informed.
                "I can spank a monkeys ass until its bright red but I sure cant call it a babboon" - Dante

                I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more cowbell!


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                  I buy my protein in bulk and have done for 2 years because I could not afford packaged products - the stuff I get ina 33lb bag is the the stuff that the supp factories use.
                  Pure whey concentrate 75% - nothing added, taken away, no sweetner, no instantising - nothing just the way it arrives at the factory.

                  And I cant fault it.

                  Articles like that just confirm my belief I am doing the right thing.


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                    I would like to see some hard *evidence* about the sup companies.....I have used a variety of protien mixes and always get bloated....whenever i switch back to nothing but real and organic food , no more bloat......

                    I have been wanting to try the sponsors here......

                    For the record I have used Muscle milk (mixes very well), Metrx, Optimum Nutrition, and Lee Labrada. Every one of them gives me bloat and gases me up....
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                      Your bloat is from low grade whey concentrate...

                      The supp bus is a 28 billion dollar a year industry.. Now Do you really thinky the board room is made up of muscle heads?/ No its made up of a bunch of MBA's that tackle the task of increasing the ROI for the investors. Most of these companies use ones name (labrada for example and the market it!

                      WE here could create a corporation sell the stock to members and build a REAL supp company.. Have abusiness plan develp a strategy of distribuiton and so on! It always starts with an idea

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                        i have done a shit load of reasearch over the last 8 years and what the guy says seams very true. It goes from bodybuilders to business men in a matter of a few years. Then comes the sales and marketing teams, quality control, proffit and loss teams and look out!!
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