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Dieting and Fat Loss Compounds

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  • Dieting and Fat Loss Compounds

    Being that the spring is fast approaching and many of us will be dieting very soon, I thought I would post an article I wrote for FG a while back.

    Here ya go:

    Dieting and Fat Loss aids.

    Written by Crankin'steiN
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    In this article, I intend to outline the common tools used for fat loss and dieting, as well as how and when they should be used.

    The compounds listed here should never be used until a good diet and training are in place, and are setup properly for fat loss.

    OK... Here we go:

    Ephedrine/Caffeine/Aspirin (AKA ECA)

    What is it?

    This common stack has been a big hit since it hit the market. All kinds of companies have made their own version and changes to the product, but the base of it always stays the same. This product as far as I know is still an over the counter item in the United States, but in Canada it has been governed so the companies may only include a max dosage of 8mg of ephedra in their products...... 8 mg is not enough to prodcue the result your looking for...... Some companies who were selling these products are now selling Ephedra free products in the same bottle. Do not be fooled. Those these may look the same, they are missing the best acting ingredient.

    How Does it Work?

    Ephedrine is a product that is derived from a herb called Ma Huang. It is a Beta andrenergic antogonist which speeds up your heart rate and increases body temperature, Which will give you the ability to burn more calories. The increase in energy from this product is due to the caffeine.

    Side Effects

    Many side effects have been reported from this product, though it should be noted that the most severe side effects have happened due to an abuse of the substance. Side effects include but are not limited to: Dizziness, sleeplessness, tremours, nervousness, heart palipitations, headache, heightened blood pressure, and death. There has been severe cases where someone has died from this substance, though as I mentioned, it resulted only from the abuse and misproper use of it.

    When should I use it?

    If you are dieting properly and the weight is not coming off fast enough for you, this is a fairly safe product that can be used to increase the speed at which you are losing the fat.


    Ephedrine should be taken as recommended on the bottle. I do not recommend taking higher dosages as it increases the risk of side effects.


    What is it?

    Clen is a substance that was originally created to treat asthma. Bodybuilders found out how well it burned fat and started to use it before contests. It is not an over the counter product.

    How Does it Work?

    Clen is not a steroid compound as some people may think. Clenbuterol is actually a beta 2 agonist that will raise a persons body temperature. This allows them to the person to burn more calories in a day. The problem is that it loses it's effectiveness after approximately 2 weeks. So the best way to take it is 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, with ECA on the off weeks.

    Side effects

    Clen is a very safe compound and to date I have not heard of any incidents of death caused by clen. The side effects of clen are pretty mild for most people. The noticed side effects are: Head aches, nervousness, tremours of the hands, and insomnia.

    When should I use it?

    The answer for this is pretty much the same as ECA, if you would like to accelerate the rate at which you are losing fat, while on a sound diet. Then clen can help you do that. Be sure that you can live with the side effects first tho.


    Men: From 100-140mcg
    Women: from 80-100mcg

    triiodothyronine (AKA T3)

    What is it?

    T3 is a synthetic version of the bodies most powerful thyroid hormone, which is produced by the thyroid gland. This medication is prescribed regularly to people with hypothyroidism.

    How does it work?

    T3 works by increases your metabolic rate, which means it makes your body metabolize everything faster. By doing this, it allows you to burn many more calories in a day then you would regularly and also to metabolize protein faster, possibly resulting in better muscle gains.

    Side Effects

    Tremor, head ache, upset stomach, vomiting, nerbousness, irretability, insomnia, excessive sweating, increased appetite, fever, sensitivity to heat, and heart palipitations. It has also been rumoured that if you use T3 when you have a normal thyroid, for extensive periods of time, that you may mess up your natural thyroid and become dependent on the drug just to have a natural thyroid.

    When should I use it?

    This is a more powerful compound then the first two I listed and should be taken seriously. It generally shouldn't be used until you have tried the first two I listed. Then if you are unhappy with your results, you could try T3. T3 should be used in conjunction with a very high protein diet and most of the time anabolics are needed to maintain muscle mass while on T3.


    Generally most people will use a dosage between 75-100mcg for cutting fat. If used during a bulking cycle for faster protein metabolizing, a dosage of 25mcg is commonly used. T3 should be ramped up, and ramped down. Ramped up to test the waters and see how you react to it, and ramped down to avoid a big rebound in fat. Generally it will be cycled for 4 weeks, then a 4 week off period.


    I am not going to do a big profile of DNP, because I believe it is too dangeous for about 90% of all people. I don't believe that the benifits outweigh the risks for the most part.
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