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    Ive been talking with several old friends about the injuries we have aquired over the years. I thought Id start a thread here to post your injuries and the duration of your injury:

    Here's mine from 30 years of training-------

    Spearated AC joint - 2 times- 6 months
    Torn IT ban - 4 months
    Torn trapezius- 3 months
    Sprained ankle- 3 months
    Tennis elbow- 6 months
    celluitis ( finger)- 4 months- then surgery
    Umbilical hernia- 6-10 weeks

    No knee or back injuries!
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    Made some partial tears in my rotator cuff which cost me about 9months. Could not bench for almost a full year. Warm up fellas!!

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      knee scope and hernia so far


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        None of my injuries are from body building. I have had some minor tweaks but nothing really. My injuries are from football, soccer, and basketball.

        1) Torn ACL - basketball!
        2) Torn ACL - soccer
        3) Broken Leg - soccer
        4) Broken Ankle - soccer
        5) Broken Wrist - football

        2-4 happened in one incident!

        These injuries are why I'm into body building. I need a competitive outlet and I can't afford any more injuries.. I'll have knee replacements if I do.

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          broke right hand - out 4 months
          left knee scope- no legs 1 month
          lower back - out 1 month (twice)
          small tear in right pec-delt tie-in ... that took forever
          and sprained neck twice and right trap tear...that aslo persists


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            those are my injuries from few years of training:

            minor rip/strain on my left trap (the back of the trap):
            got this from doing barbell shrugs, it was my first rep of a set so I guess it was a combination of a little bouncing from the bottom with not to great of a warmup too (I heard a little rip sound). it took 9 months to fully recover but I could train all the time although I sometimes got a little painful burn in the trap when doing barbell rows/dead lift.

            minor strain in the ham/glute tie in, both sides:
            I was fully warmed up but I bounced a little bit to much at the bottom of a squat with a position which stretched the ham/glute a lot. I couldn't squat/deadlift heawy for a month and recovered fully in about 3 months.
            I think I could have avoided that injury by:
            -stopping for a split second at the bottom before exploding up.
            -squatted more straight down instead of going so much with the ass back & lower back forward, i.e. less ham/glute stretch (I squat deep by the way).
            -squatting a little more wide stance, i.e. less ham/glute stretch.
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              I also have had my ego bruised a time or two...
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              That which we manifest lies before us.


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                Originally posted by SweatMachine
                I also have had my ego bruised a time or two...


                OK....other than the usual strains and pains and a slight case of tendonitis in both my elbows the worse injury I had was a few years back when I tore my quad.....Not fun at all.....6 weeks after the injury I started rehab but it took about a year before it got back in balance with my other leg
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                  Torn pec (flat benchinh) surgically re-attached + 18 months rehab
                  Minor bicep tear x 2 (deadlifting) 4-6 weeks off back & bicep movements
                  Compressed disc in lower back (deadlifting again) plagues me to this day (but still squatting and deadlifting)
                  Elbow tendinitis = fact of life
                  Dodgy rotator cuffs x 2 (rehab exercises 2 x per week to keep them functioning)
                  Sore knees (just put up with it)

                  LOVE this sport.

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                    shoulder injury prevented any type of shoulder exercises for about 4 months. I t also impaired incline bench exercises as well. This has happened twice so far.
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                      lets see...broke both of my arms when I was 12 ( shouldn't try max weight clean and jerk when you don't know what the fuck you are doing!0

                      hurt my back 3 times the summer i turned 19 ..3rd time was the charm ..tore a erector slightly it is 21 years later and I can still reach back there and feel a quarter sized knot!

                      Knees 15-20 different times where i had to stop training legs ...helll hurt them last springs

                      left elbow hurts right now...nothing that will keep me out of the game though!
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