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  • physical for insurance

    i just got a call that i have to go for a physical for my life insurance and that they will be drawing blood and need a urine sample. according to their numbers i am obese for my height...

    i'm kinda curious what they will be checking for in the blood/urine samples and am curious if anyone has any insight as to what they check for and if they do check test levels what kind of levels would get me dropped ??

    i was on a low dose tren/prop/enanth (at 100/100/50 EOD) that i ended about two weeks ago not sure if that low level of enanth would still be floating around in me or not ???

    also, i am wondering if i should forgo the HCG now that i was planning on starting this week... don't want blood results to cme back indicating i'm pregnant <lol>...

    anyway... anyone have any comments ??
    should i be concerned, any preventative measure that may help ???


    p.s. this question is purely hypothetical and indicative only of conversation between multiple ID personalities via the internet and in no way represents any ideals or personality traits of the author.

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    I think they are looking for general health indicators. I wouldn't be suprised if they also looked for indications of drug or alcohol abuse.

    The results of your physical impact your rates and whether or not you qualify at all for insurance. Your age is also a factor. If you are younger that helps. According to BMI calculations, I am over weight as well. However, the also measure your waist. If you have a decent waist line it will help offset the BMI.

    Your blood pressure and cholesterol are also key measurements.


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      LOL HCG wont show your pregnant!

      I have physicals ever 6 months and have 9-12 vials of blood drawn AND urine taken.( I work in an extremely hazardous enviromment) the most the wil say is your glycogen is high, your red blood count may be high, your blood pressure may be high, and some liver enzyme a little off... Non of this means too much if they are WAAAAY out of wack.
      If questioned say you take androsteine and creatine and eat hig protein because you work out. They wont have a clue what that means....

      They dont and cant test you for test levels... test epi test levels are expensive to test for and arent done normally....again if questioned say androsteine
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        thanks for your replies...

        my waist line shouldn't be a problem, i'm under 30" waist right now... i hope they take that into consideration, the guy i talked to told me they had weight to height factors only...

        ok, the pregnant thing was supposed to be funny...
        damn - i've never been good at this whole funny thing.

        i don't think my test levels will still be high by the time they actually draw blood, but good to know that they probably won't anyway...

        thanks again


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          Dear Dim
          I am a licensed Insurance agent and understand where you are coming from. I currently can't be insured by my own company at 6' 285. as far as Life insurance, they are checking for Drugs, tabacco and any other Health related signs like cholestral, not looking for hormone levels or any thing of that nature. Just beat the height and weight chart and you will be sitting okay. Best of luck to ya.


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            hey puffy thanks for the piece of mind...
            in case anyone was wondering, i dieted like a fool and ran an ECA stack to get my weight down as low as possible and got really close too, was trying to get down to 190 and as of the morning of the physical i was 193... and as luck would have it when the nurse showed up i immediately asked how she planned to weigh me (since she was sans scale and i was starving) to which she replied that it broke earlier that day (LOL) and followed by asking me what my average weight was throughout the year, to which i replied with a smile 190...

            it's all good though, cuz i am a firm believer in fate and think that had i not tried to diet down she would have shown up with a working scale... LOL

            i was surprised that she actually measured my waist and was pleasantly surprised to see it read under 30 inches... but based on the conversations with the insurance reps i really didn't expect that...

            oh... and the next day on the scale i popped right back up to 196...

            another entertaining note (well to me at least)... she showed up with only one BP cuff, looked at me and said "there is no way this is gonna fit"... (LOL) it is the enclosed type that the velcro has to go over a metal hoop and back, she slid it over my arm but there wasn't enough slack to pull it back to attach the velcro, she asked it i could pull it snug with my free hand, which i did and amazingly got a reading... and a nice low one to boot...

            see every once in a while things just work out right...