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  • Old timer needs some advice...

    This is ray here from back in the ole Varix days... I need some advice from my fellow members... As some of you know I am in the military (15yrs now) I have a dilema, after a 4 yr hiatus (spelling) due to commitments and 2 surgeries, I started back w/the super supplements again and training hard and heavy... Just to find out I'm being deployed again back to Iraq... Now mind you last year when I was in Baghdad for 8 fuckin months i lost almost 35#'s... That ain't happening again... I'm back strong at 33 yrs old 255#'s... Now mind you diet and training will be very hard, but a tad better then last yr... Thanx... ray *STAY STRONG*
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    I am a milatary guy myself so i am here to remind you about basic training :albert: and how easy it is to grow from pushups ,pullups and body squats...and these can all be done in the field..unless your under fire then skip the pullups and squats..Stay safe and good luck ...keep up the good work over there :chair:
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      As you know, the only way you're gonna keep the weight on is to eat, that's it, no amount of super supps are gonna keep the weight on you without the calories
      as hard as you are gonna be working, eat the hell out of the breads & pasta, get your 1.5 g's of protein in, and EAT EAT EAT
      IE for me, I need MORE calories when on JUST to KEEP the weight up.
      I feel you are better off spending the extra cash on food until you get back and out from under a possible 'dishonorable discharge'.
      Good luck, keep your head and ass down man!
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