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HCG ...i dont wanna lose my "cojones" again..

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  • HCG ...i dont wanna lose my "cojones" again..

    i've used HCG many times in the past in alot of different ways.. last time i was "on" i was shut down bad.. my sex drive was shit. basically i was shut down and it took forever for me to recover my gonads, lol... what i wanna know is how u guys do it, use HCG? im planning to use HCG while on my cycle which i started a few days ago..i dont wanna be shut dow that bad help me out guys... some say use HCG every 4 weeks , some say use it every do my bros here use it while on cycle?

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    things like Testoviron and such will always shut you down somewhat


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      I've had good results with 250iu 2x wk while "on". Kept the nads looking normal and I think it definitely helped post cycle with recovery and sex drive. Some HRT physicians recommend a dose from 250-500iu 2-3x wk.
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