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What's in this REDLINE shit!!!

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  • What's in this REDLINE shit!!!

    HI guys.

    What is in REDLINE that makes me feel so frickin' good???? I love this shit.!!! High energy NO nervousness, NO crash after, TOTAL focus on everything and a mild yet noticable euphoric feeling..... GIVE ME MORE OF THAT PLEASE.

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    Lots of people I know have had allergic reactions to it, which makes them break out in hives. It seems you're not in that group though...that stuff gets you going!
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      I liked it at first. Then it did nothing. Tam is trying 7-Keto now.
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        i've tried it ... good stuff, but i'd rather spend my money on ephedrine. speaking of redline, anyone see those VPX chics at the O?? damn they were hot!

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          I got about 10 samples of the stuff at the GNC.
          I ran out and bought a 120ml bottle. 1/2 dose helps, 1 full dose wakes me the hell up, and no shakes here either
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            I take 3ml of redline and 1 ephedra and WOW! i'm flying and sweating up a storm.
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