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Ronnie #1 again?

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  • Ronnie #1 again?

    Hey, isn't this the Olympia weekend? Any predictions out there? Looks like Ronnie may have it in the bag again, but how about 2nd and 3rd?

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    heh, it pretty obvious that ronnie cant be touched, i dont care want anyone says.. The rest our gonna be duking it out for 2nd and 3rd.. no one goes to the O nowadays with aspirations of winning the with this freak like ronnie, its sad that everyone is vying for top 6 or top 10 and what not...

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      If the others are REALLY wanting the number 1 spot they might as well sit it out. It's Ronnie's again. 2nd and 3rd should be interesting.

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        Right now, Ronnie is unbeatable. He will tie Arnold with 7 wins this year. And next year, he can tie Lee Haney with 8. So as long as he is healthy and able, he will not be retiring any time soon.

        At, there is a great clip of Jay Cutler. He looks pretty freaky himself and should be 2nd if he holds it together till show time.

        Jay will have to be at his best to be 2nd over Dennis James, Dexter Jaxkson, markus, Gunter and others. Will be an amazing show.

        Women compete tomorrow (Figure, Fitness and Ms. O) and there are some terrific compatitors this year. Lenda Murray is looking for a record 9th win and she will be
        very tough to beat, just like Ronnie.


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          I pretty much agree, Ronnie will have to slip on the stairs to lose
          The next group should be between Jay, Chris, Dennis, Dexter
          After that you've got the guys who could upset the above, Darrem, Victor, Troy,
          I think Marcus, Gunter, Craig, and King could all be a threat depending on conditioning
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            Pretty sure that King and Craig did not qualify this year. I'm looking at Victor or Markus to be possible spoilers. Either can make top 6 in best shape.


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              I agree Gerry.....on all counts !!
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                Originally posted by GerryT
                Pretty sure that King and Craig did not qualify this year. I'm looking at Victor or Markus to be possible spoilers. Either can make top 6 in best shape.
                Looks like your right.......

                Name Country How Qualified
                Ronnie Coleman USA Mr. Olympia Winner
                Jay Cutler USA 2003 Olympia
                Dexter Jackson USA 2003 Olympia
                Dennis James USA 2003 Olympia
                Gunter Schlierkamp Germany 2003 Olympia
                Kevin Levrone USA 2003 Olympia
                Troy Alves USA 2003 Grand Prix Russia
                Ernie Taylor England 2003 Grand Prix England
                Mustafa Mohammad Jordan 2003 Grand Prix Holland
                Lee Priest Australia 2004 Ironman Pro
                Gustavo Badell Puerto Rico 2004 Ironman Pro
                Chris Cormier USA 2004 Arnold Classic
                Markus Ruhl Germany 2004 Arnold Classic
                Kris Dim USA 2004 San Francisco Pro
                Darrem Charles Trinidad 2004 Orlando Pro
                Ahmad Haidar Lebanon 2004 Orlando Pro
                Craig Richardson USA 2004 Orlando Pro
                Melvin Anthony USA 2004 Night of Champions
                Richard Jones USA 2004 Night of Champions
                Pavol Jablonicky Czech 2004 Night of Champions
                Jaroslav Horvath Slovakia 2004 Hungarian Pro
                Johnnie Jackson USA 2004 Toronto Pro