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    I need some info ASAP. Their site has M-OHN but is that the same as M4OHN? It doesnt seem to be but I am not sure. Also, the site has it in 1 gram bags. How much of this would I take in a teaspoon etc? I am not interested in making it a transdermal. THANKS!!! :bat:
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    It is exactly the same as M4OHN; just another way of saying the same thing.

    In regards to measuring it out, a teaspoon would actually be about 7 grams---which is probably a LIFETIME supply. If you are not familiar with making a liquid solution (what the powder is for) you should stick wit hthe caps. they are still a very economical value, and you dont have to worry about making a solution.
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      I order from CNW quite frequently. It is the same as M4OHN. Here is the pertinent information for how to make an orally available solution from pretty much any of the available methylated compounds on the market now. Cheap and easy if you ask me. I would be scared shitless to do it with M1T however as I wouldn't want to overdose that compound.

      Heck M1,4add(DBol precursor) is getting down in my price range. May have to snag some of that and some M4OHN as the prices plummet.

      Directions for Oral solutions:

      Method 1 - Olive Oil Oral Solution 10mg/ml

      (For M1T and M4AD only)

      1gm M1T
      96ml extra virgin olive oil
      1ml BA
      Heat for 10 min and let cool and you have a 10mg/ml solution.

      Method 2 - Everclear or Bacardi 151 Oral Solution 10mg/ml

      (For M1T and M4AD only)

      1gm Methyl-1 Test powder
      99ml Everclear or 151
      Allow to dissolve.

      Method 3 - ( For M5AA, M1T, M4AD)

      1 gm powder
      25 ml Peg 400
      73ml Propylene Glycol
      Heat for 15-20 min and let it cool before use. Methyl-5AA may need to be heated slightly before use.
      Method 4 - (For Methyl 1,4 ADDiol)

      99ml PEG 400
      1 Gram Methyl 1,4ADD
      Heat for 10 Minutes in a water bath
      Yields 100 10mg/ml servings
      M4OHN 2mg/ml solution

      1gm M4OHN powder
      mix with 499ml peg 400
      heat in a water bath on the stove (low heat) for 30-45 minutes.

      M4OHN 5mg/ml "suspenison"
      1gm M4OHN powder
      mix with 185ml Olive oilm, 6ml BA (Benzyl Alchohol), 10ml BB (Benzyl Benzoate)
      heat for 30-45 min in a water bath on the stove (low heat)


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        Thanks guys. I just ordered the caps and clomid.
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