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Tore Delt deadlifting. Help

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  • Tore Delt deadlifting. Help

    Well I finally actually tore something. I heard and felt two tears/rips in my left medial and/or rear (kind of inbetween) deltoid while I was lowering a deadlift.
    Now at first judging from the sound I thought I was in big trouble. it swelled up immediatly after and hurt pretty bad but the next day it wasn't too bad. I had full range of movement 2 days later but it still hurt when pulling back (like a row). I haven't done any rows, pull downs, or movements that hurt it at all for a week and half. Oddly enough I can do military presses withouth any pain.

    I waited for the swelling to start subsiding before doing light stretching exercises and I have been getting massages everyweek where we work on it as much as we can without aggrevating it. I have been careful not to overstress it.

    There is a slight divot that I can feel, but its not visible where it tore so Im guessing maybe 5-10% of the fibers were torn, thank god. Anyone have any idea how long it will be before I can start lifting again?? Im of course going to just feel my way through it but im getting antsy to start hitting back and shoulders hard again.

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    Stay away from training upper body for a while. I would also take some alive to keep the swelling down. I once made the mistake of working out after a simmilar situation you had except i was benching. I heard a tear but the next few days there was no pain. I started training again and bamb I was fucked. Could not do chest or shoulders for 5 months. Take your time with this!!

    Good luck
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      Go to a doctor.
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        Originally posted by Future
        Go to a doctor.

        I agree...go see a doc and find out EXACTLY what is going on.