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  • Winter Goals for Everyone

    Well the Fall season it here and I know most of you are already thinking of your plans and goals for the winter season. What's everyone doing...bulking, dropping fat, staying the same???

    I've had a good training year in 2004 mostly because I've been more consistent with my nutrition. I've learned a ton of info on nutrition, timing of foods, etc that have made a huge difference in my results. I've been nearly pain free (shoulders) all year which has helped keep my in the gym. I'll be looking to slowly add (about 10 lbs) muscle again this winter and would like to get to about 185-190 lbs and be lean. Not as lean as the guys that are doing shows but closer.

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      Hit 280 lb this winter.....
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        Try to finish this cutting cycle then finally switching over to building some muscle in late winter. I started out at 278 lbs last March and I'm down to 217 at about 18-19% bodyfat currently. I'd like to be around 10-12% by Christmas, but that may be pushing it. It took me years to get to the super fatass stage so I guess I shouldn't complain that it's only taking 10 months to a year to get myself back in shape.


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          by spring i want to be around 350 with my upper abs in(not sure what bdy fat that is) hit a 575-600lb raw bench, i have a meet in feb where i want to hit 725 in my shirt.
          its a bulk while dropping fat thing, lol, ya know, what people tell u u cant do :flip:
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            Im trying to hit 240 by spring. 220 now so I think Ill do it



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              Im getting ready to do the Nat Qualifier I missed doing this year. From now to at least Feb Im attempting to go past my PR of 285lbs and hit 300lbs. Lets hope the BF stays in control....I'll then hand it over to Skip to peel me down at WIN the overall at the SE USA in Aug 2005 as a very lean HVYWT ......thats the plan!
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                I just want my gym routine back. It's been so damn crazy around here for the last month with me going back to work, my husband changing his work locations & car troubles on top of that, working out kinda got lost in the shuffle & as a result I've lost 2 pant sizes even though I eat everything. It's all starting to become more routine now, so I'm able to finally get back in there & work at it. So, my goal is to gain, gain, gain. I need my ass back, I need my legs back, & I've always had puny bi's & tri's, so I'm gonna work on getting those bigger too.
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                  get back to 280-290, keep bf in check, and then come april start cutting down.


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                    hoping to reach 225 by christmas with lower body fat im curently 216


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                      Add another 5-10 solid lbs before I cut for my April show. Sitting at 229-230lbs right now. Don't know what class I'll be in this year so I will just look and focus on how I look in the mirror and wherever I end up is where I end up! Good luck all!

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                        I have done a reverse this year...I took 6 months off of full blown DC training and everything else to do a Ronnie and Jay and rest my body. (I still trained though I don't think they did.)
                        I did train heavy still and kept the cardio and protein high and carb cut offs in.
                        I just didn't go to failure I stopped short and trained push pull 3 on 1 off.
                        Usually my winter is my hibernation period but lately I have been doing my spring mating ritual tanning and shaving and keeping bodyfat down. Haven't dropped below 280 yet...and am scaling up to blast for 4 months to 310 or so and cut for the state show.
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                          210 rather lean is my goal to reach by spring
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                            well im going back into full speed training this november to get ready for a National Qualifier next summer.. at my last show i weighed in at 187 and i wanna put on at least 9-10 lbs of solid muscle for the next one... and my #1 goal is to put more time into my family and friends and not alienate myself from the world like i've done so many times in the past while in training... they're more important to me..

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                              I'm going to keep DCing it and try to add 5-10lbs of more muscle while keeping my BF where it's at. Goal is to reach 270 without anymore bodyfat. I'm really trying to push on legs as I need them to fill out more to balance out my body. Then late December, i'm going to hand it over to skip to dial me in for my first show.