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  • GNC SOS top 6

    1. Victor Martinez
    2. Darrem Charles
    3. Gustavo Badell
    4. Branch Warren
    5. Troy Alves
    6. Craig Titus

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    I got to look for some pics...
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      Branch Warren--UnF'ingbelieveable.....Incredible physique..Should have won the whole thing IMO
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        hell no!!! Victor is the true champion there!! I like branch's physique no doubt, a true freak..But victor was definitely on and had everything in place...congrats to victor..and i think troy shoulda placed 2nd to victor but thats just my opinion...

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          Let me add to the list

          1 Victor Martinez
          2 Darrem Charles
          3 Gustavo Badell
          4 Branch Warren
          5 Troy Alves
          6 Craig Titus
          7 Johnnie Jackson
          8 Toney Freeman
          9 Ahmad Haidar
          10 Jason Arntz
          11 Claude Groulx
          12 Frank Roberson
          13 Mike Dragna
          14 Nasser El Sonbaty
          15 George Turmon
          16 Fred Bigot
          17 Aaron Maddron
          17 Stan McCrary
          19 Lee Apperson
          19 Mat Duvall
          19 Ken Jones
          19 Rod Ketchens
          19 Lawrence Marshall
          19 JoJo Ntiforo
          19 Johnny Stewart
          Wtdr Greg Kovacs


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   has all the results and photos.

            Just my opinion, but Victor and Darrem were right for 1st and 2nd. Might have placed Branch 3rd, but no higher. Not quite as hard as the top 2, but when his arms match his legs he will be a world beater. Respect Branch a lot.

            Troy is another great athlete deserving a top 5 spot, but his glutes and hams
            were not up to the others ahead of him. But he looks super from the front.


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              I really like Victor's look. Glad to see him to so well.

              Greg Kovacs withdrew?? Hmmm.... That's odd. BWHAHAHAHA!! *shakes head*


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                I really feel sad for nasser.. considering the awesome fking physique he HAD.. his back was smooth like a baby's bottom..

                Sometimes i wonder, do pros that are already in the 'has-been' league compete just for the love of competing or for the money(still taking into consideration that in most comps, unless you break top 10, the money avaiable is measley..) Still remember not too long ago,samir bannout came out from nowhere to take part in the san fran pro..
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