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A Snippet on Recovery Time

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  • A Snippet on Recovery Time

    While it is obvious that the more frequently you can train a muscle productively (progressively), the faster you will reach your goals. What is not so obvious is that try as you might, you will not be able to force your body to recover faster than it can (I could write a full book on all the ways to increase recovery time, but for the sake of this post, we will assume all factors are constant and you are doing all the correct things within your means to assure you are up to the task). As an example, if using routine X, you are able to recover and be progressive with the weights in 5 days, but reducing the rest days to hitting the muscle in 4 days doesn't allow you to progress, chances are slim you will ever be able to do it in only two days regardless of what you do to enhance recovery, including gear use.

    That your best friend can do the same routine and be progressive in only 2 days is FUCKING IRRELIVANT if you can't, wouldn't you agree? All things being equal, if it takes you 5 days to recover, it takes you 5 days. Do whatever possible to allow a faster recovery, but don't continue to endlessly train without significant progress, as so very many do………

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    This is the one main reason so many just spin their wheels with thier 5 days a week high volume routines one bodypart per day, no recovery, they think well I did chest today so tomorrow I will do back, different muscles so while my chest recoups I will hit back, nope don't work that way, how can your body put 100% into one muscle group when its trying everything it can to repair the damage you inflicted the previous day, you will not be at 100% so then you will overtrain or you will recoup at a very slow rate.

    As with DC's program you can actually overtrain with one single workout if you are not recovered 100%.

    No two recoveries are a like, we are as different on the inside as we are on the outside, sure there are some limiting factors that may be the same, but we all react different to everything that has to do with our bodies...
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      I strongly believe in the complete non training days for the entire body, it helps tremendously in your recovery of not only your muscles, but you CNS. And if your CNS is toast, then fell like crap and are more then likely at risk of getting sick.
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