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Delayed onset muscle soreness

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  • Delayed onset muscle soreness

    Delayed onset muscle soreness is something that leads many people to the "no gain zone", and then forever keeps them there. Many wrongly believe that unless they are "tore up" they didn't stimulate growth.......they are in most cases WRONG! While there is nothing wrong with being sore, you need to understand that after you have done a lift for more than a few sessions you are likely to be less and less sore. Also some muscles rarely or NEVER get sore. My biceps and delts are some examples. I could do 50 sets for my delts and never feel a bit sore. Regardless they still grow well.

    You have no doubt noticed that some muscles don't get very sore, while others always feel way beat-up. And almost everyone notices that when you do a lift you haven’t done in a long time you tend to get sore as hell the first time or two, then less and less each session. This leads many to either change their lifts CONSTANTLY (which can be beneficial to SOME people) or do more ad more sets/lifts/or use more intensity to ensure they get beat-up enough. In most cases this is simply not needed. Some trainees get sore every time they train, others only when changing lifts, and some people almost never, yet all these categories of trainees can all grow extremely well if the training and diet is properly laid out.

    Your barometer of success in the gym should be an ever increasing load on the bar, not how “pumped” you get, or how sore you are the following days.

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    Originally posted by iron addict
    Your barometer of success in the gym should be an ever increasing load on the bar, not how “pumped” you get, or how sore you are the following days.

    Iron Addict


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      For me. I have to work each body part twice a week in order to grow. And when I do I don't get sore. If I drop my frequency to once a week, I just stay soe in between and don't grow at all.


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        If I don't get sore, I don't grow, "no pain, no gain".

        If you do the same exercises over and over again you will not get sore, plus you will not dramatically increase in weight either, you do an exercise with positive and negative failure, you will be sore, and you give yourself ample recovery time from that exercise, and when you get back to that exercise you will add weight and you will be sore again, progressive resistance causes growth, not blood pumps unless you are the top 1% of the genetically gifted...
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          I have to be careful with this on legs
          If I overdo it (easy for me, my recovery SUCKS) I will not be able to frikking walk for 3-4 days, this messes up my DL days, etc... The DC style fits me well for this as those 20 reppers finish me off and I don't have any desire to go and overdo it.
          The best growth I got from arms was a 2 x wk routine, very little soreness, high weight moderate rep (until I hit the tendonitis zone)
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