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  • Question on cycle

    I've been thinking about doing a cycle for awhile now. I'm 6'1 235lbs, i've been lifting for 8yrs now and i'm 25 yrs old and I'm in the army currently in Kosovo. Thats the only thing im worried about is getting needles sent here because there might be a chance a package would get x-rayed. So what would be a good all oral cycle for mass? Or would it be ok to cycle M1-T with D-bol? If so what kind of dosages? Thanks for any input i really appreciate it

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    first off welcome to the board.. I do not know much on M1-T. but dbol i do! Dbol is a good mass oral but i wouldnt recommend taking it without test..but since ur obviously not gonna take test, dbol in low dosages of 30-40mg a day for no more than 6 weeks would be good..sorry i cant be of more help. Where in Kosovo exactly are u? I did a short stint there when i was in the service..anyway, welcome aboard klong.

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      I don't know that I would take the chance of the package being x-rayed..I don't think the Army would be very understanding if you got caught...
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        if im not mistaken, gear is legal there, just go get some, lol
        i get shit from all countries around there man, just do a lil investigative work, and be sure not to put on too much too fast cuz the army will test your ass
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          I know people that have been DISHONORABLY discharged from the service for gear use. One guy I know was busted during a random test and that was it! GONE! And he was a lifer. Use caution if you decide to proceed and while I can't say for sure what the law is like there, it's likely that pins are over the counter in some fashion there. People in the USA often overlook the fact that most feed stores in america have pins for sale even if you can't buy them at your local pharmacy.

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            thanks for the replys, i'm at monteith its right outside of gnijlane. i guess what i was looking for was what would be the best all oral stack for i would retain most of my gains after the cycle? I know dbol would be a main ingredient but what about oral winstrol or anything like that? thanks


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              Stick w/ the MRE's bro, but stay away from the four fingers of death. Being deployed, Risk vs. reward doesnt add up, at least for me. Now, back home is a different story. Just to answer the Q, I dont know if I would recommend an all oral cycle for bulking or gain retainment.

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                oral only cycles typically do not fair well in terms of retention after the cycle even with proper pct. Also, using multiple orals puts a tremendous strain on the liver. These substances tend to be rather harsh on the liver due to the fact they pass thru it twice.
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