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Tips for constructing JUST a 2 day routine.

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  • Tips for constructing JUST a 2 day routine.

    So I’m currently in a police academy and if I’m gonna be honest their PT sessions are weak. However. They will not allow us to “do our own thing” on department time while in the academy and I simply don’t have time after class what with the commute, study time etc.. Since I feel I’m not really getting the workout that I’m accustomed to and I feel I’m getting weaker as a result I’m considering doing my own personal workouts on Saturdays and Sundays. Was probably just going to do like upper/lower splits with basic big lifts but wanted to see if anyone had any other concepts already laid out. Thanks in advance.

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    for 2 days as much as it is not optimal I would probably do as you suggested, upper lower and try to sneak in even once a week whichever one you want to focus on more as an extra session if you can.


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      You could do upper/lower as you suggest. Not sure how familiar you are with Scott's Fortitude Training, but you could use the FT upper loading/lower pump day and lower loading/upper pump day to work everything 2xweek. Prioritize strength on compound lifts (the big 3 and their variations, plus overhead pressing), and use the remainder as hypertrophy/active recovery. It's not ideal, but it gives structure that is fixed and can be manipulated systematically to adjust for recovery needs.

      My current situation is that I get in the hypertrophy/strength work Sat/Sun too, so some weekends it's upper/lower and others its the 2 full body loading/pump workouts. (I'm using FT, so it's essentially whatever the 2 workouts I'm up for.)

      The caveat is that you have to be careful not to wipe yourself out so you can be good to go through the week. I've got exercises that are priority and I go all out on those, and am more sparing with the remainder, as necessary. Sorry if that's stating the obvious, but it was something I had to relearn the hard way.
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        I'd go with some sort of full body workout routine.