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    what's the best time to start your prep? I was thinking about competing for the first time after I finish my second bulk. I started working out 2 years ago. I bulked from 155 to 196, cut from 196 to 175 (in 90 days) and now I'm bulking back up. I'm hanging around 188-190 right now. (13-15 lbs in 5 months). Is 13-15 lbs too little for 5 months of bulking? I consistently track my calories, and I've hit my macros every single day for 5 months. I was told that with how much weight i've gained there's very little muscle tissue. What are you guys thought on this? any feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks guys!

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    It depends more on your condition and the amount of muscle you are carrying. I would almost have to see pics to be able to tell you, but I typically want somewhere between 16-20 weeks for a prep phase with my clients. If they are already very lean, I can drop that down to 14-ish weeks but I don't like to.


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