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  • Stitch?

    About two/three days ago, I started feeling a pain right under the top of where my (left side) ribcage ends, just below the sturnum (and to the left). I liken the pain to a "stitch" that you might feel during running, however Im not running. At times, its tough to get a "full" breath depending upon the position Im in and of course when I do, I can feel the pain there.

    Things that Ive started this week...


    Nothing else is different and Ive never had these problems before (used ECA/Tren before). Im figuring (hoping) it will go away here shortly, but just wondering if anyone can provide any insight on this issue?

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    Have you been caughing much? Perhaps puked? That can sometimes cause discomfort in the chest area. Matter of fact, one of my roomies got a script for vicodon because of this same problem.
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      Yo Bro, It sound like a dislocated rib...very common in powerlifters, from high levels of internal pressure during big lifts. not much you can do, stretch on a chin bar, take some Aleve and work around it....
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        Yeah, I agree with Sweat...sounds like a rib.....dislocated or a small fracture.
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          sounds like it hurts to me
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