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How long do you rest between sets?

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  • How long do you rest between sets?

    Do you actually know? Many, if not most guys kinda "wing it". Some use the clock on the wall at the gym, which works sort of OK when and if you are in posistion to see it......which usually isn't always. So........they guesstimate, and if they are doing multiple sets, or more than one lift per bodypart, they are also guesstimating their actual progress.

    There is usually a pretty big difference in how many reps, or how much weight that can be used when last week you rested 2 minutes, and this week you rested 4. You are thrilled at your progress because you got three more reps than last week.......but all you did was rest longer. It also accounts for those dissapointments when you get 2 less reps...OOOOPS!!!

    I task all my training clients to use a stopwatch to time their rest between sets. I have a wonderful little stopwatch that cost all of $6.43 at wall-mart and I have been using since I stepped on the last one. If used properly, the watch is one of the best "cheapest" investments you will ever make in your quest for more muscle. USE THE WATCH!!!

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    Good point IA

    DC STYLE!!!


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      Ironaddict - Come on, bro, I sent you a PM and you haven't responded. Even if you think I am a dick, just let me know that you got the PM. : )


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        Yes, I think your a dick--just kidding. I didn't even see it. In case anyone cares I am in the process of moving and life is pretty fucking hectic right now.

        Skip, check your PM's I responded.



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          3-5min between worksets, 1min between warmups
          i always agree with what i say


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            Good post mate, completely agree.

            I always make sure to time my rest between sets.
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              I have my cheap Walmart watch...with the velcro watch. I buy the ones from the end of the ailes for about $3. After they die I buy another. I don't see how you can take you training seriously without taking your RBS seriously.
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                very good point and I will start paying more attention to this than ever before. thanks again for bringing this up.
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