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another way to choke down some eggs

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  • another way to choke down some eggs

    my grandma used to make these for me as a kid, well she still does, but i figured id post it here
    boil water in a pot, using a slotted spoon, law in as many eggs as u think u can eat, lol, for me its usually 8-12 whole
    let the eggs boil for 7-8min, take out and put in cold water to stop the cooking
    peel them and slice in half, its a harder soft boiled egg, now sprinkle with butter buds and some natures season season salt and get a glass of sugar free koolaid
    this is my usual breakfast
    i always agree with what i say

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    I love eggs any which way they are done - from raw to 5 star gourmet chef preparation. The egg has to be one of Nature's greatest and most versatile inventions.

    Which reminds me, which do you think came first, the chicken...or the egg?