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nutrition value of chicken breasts raw and cooked ?

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  • nutrition value of chicken breasts raw and cooked ?

    Have a nutritional question about cooked chicken: When I cook 2 lbs ( 32 oz) of chicken in 2 -3 cups of chicken broth for 3 hours on a low flame in a pot the chicken shrinks to about 22-24 ounces after it cooks. Is the nutritional value the same as when it was raw and instead of 1 oz of raw chicken equaling 6 grams of protein would it be 3/4 of an oz equal 6 grams of protein after cooking ?

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    1 oz raw - 6 grams of protein
    1 oz cooked - 9 grams of protein

    Depending on how you cook your chicken, it can vary. This is the figure I came up with after boiling my chicken and weighing it after its been in the fridge. As long as you're cooking your chicken the same way all the time, it should be consistant. Hope this helps.


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      Well I am at a loss, you have 2 lbs of chicken when you are done cooking you cannot use the weight before hand cause of the water in the meat, so if you have two lbs when you are done you will have 295 grams of protein...
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        The protein content stays the same whether it`s cooked or raw.
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          The first way I posted was a little confusing and appreciate all the replys but lets say I cook 6 oz of raw chicken breast in a pot of water which before cooking is 36 grams of protein. After I cook the chicken breast for 3 hours it shrinks and weighs 4 ozs ( whenever you boil chicken over a slow heat for a few hours it always does this as it is the same way with beef), does that breast still have 36 grams of protein at 4 ozs of cooked chicken ?


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            of course. did you think that the other two ounces just vaporized and floated away never to be seen again?lol
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