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Had too much salt, to drink or not to drink?

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  • Had too much salt, to drink or not to drink?

    Here's the backdrop. Went out to a restaurant for dinner this evening. Had a big helping of grilled chicken breast and veggies. Was feeling very happy with myself. But been thirsty as hell ever since, so think there must have been too much salt in the food. Worried about having water retention the next day because I don't like that bloated feeling, not to mention not liking having to keep having to piss at inconvenient moments. So my question is do I resist the urge to drink? Or do I just keep drinking according to thirst and hopefully "flush" the water out to get my system back to normal ASAP, if that makes sense?

    (it's not like I need to look good for tomorrow for something like a show, I just don't like the bloat and the pissing!)

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    Up your potassium


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      Just drink water as usual. Things will level out. Unless you're not used to drinking a lot of water, I wouldn't think a heavy dose of salt would do anything. I am unsure of the processes but I would assume you'd be worse off by avoiding water after heavy salt intake.

      All in all, try not to over complicate this. It's just salt. Won't kill you or ruin your condition right now and there's no sense worying about a little subcutaneous water.

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