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Possible pec tear

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  • Possible pec tear

    Man it sucks getting old. Over the past 10 years I've had a tear of the pec minor (left side), both biceps and both shoulders. Last night I think I did the right side pec minor. Hurts like hell today but it is not discolored so that is a good sign that it may only be micro tears and nothing too severe.
    Always happens though when training is going good. *sigh*
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    At least it's not the pec major.... I tore mine in 2011, if it was major you'd definetly I was black on my whole right side and down to my elbow on my right arm. Oddly the actual tear didn't hurt much at all.

    Best of luck on your recovery--btw despite the fact that I compete in PL I rarely train to failure. I train very hard, but I almost always stop a rep or 2 (or 3) shy of failure. If I can do 275 for one set of 9 balls out reps, of which I'm really struggling on the last 3 and my form is possibly deteriorating I'd much do 6x4 with the same weight. That way I'm getting plenty of volume with a relatively heavy weight ANDmy form is perfect for at least my first 4 sets...only on the last rep or 2 of my last 2 sets or so is it possibly getting looser.

    Obviously you've been in the game for awhile but just something to think about. Switching from an intensity mindset to volume made a big difference for me.
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      i tore my right pec 3x in 2013. sucks but give it a couple of weeks then start back lite (very lite).
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