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Chest/Shoulder Tightness

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  • Chest/Shoulder Tightness


    Few years back was doing 5/3/1 - had tendonitis in my insertion of my chest.. Ignored it a bit and tried to warm up really well with it. Well eventually tore it very partially. Laid off for a month and then gradually started back up with 5lbs weights and worked up from there.

    Since then my insertion point has always been some level of tight in the same area, never better. I've had different massage work (which does seem to help), ART (which has not done much) and have tried my own rolling, stretching, etc.

    When I get stronger and when I get deeper into the workouts the tightness gets worse and I back off a bit and find different exercises that don't affect it as much.

    Lately, it's being affected a bit more. I have noticed it also being tight/painful with my coracobrachialis muscle in my arm which is tender to the touch.

    Had some ART done last week and it helped just a little bit, but he couldn't really pinpoint where the tightness in that tendon was coming from. He ended up getting a little more relief working on the serratus and pec as he felt they were "sticky" and not moving freely. It helped a little bit.

    Hoping you guys can give me some ideas of different stretches I could do myself. The broomstick stretch definitely stretches it, but no real relief from it. Maybe I need more consistency.

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    Chest/Shoulder Tightness

    Band face pull aparts. Behind the neck band pull aparts too.
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      Fade, check out Kelly Starrett's videos on youtube. He is the author of the supple leopard.


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        Heating it up before training and some lacrosse ball work might be great right before training but long term I don't have alot of answers. You have already tried some very effective tools for long term care so my guess it isn't likely to be solved based on anything we can offer. I would caution Starrett's concept as he tends to overdo the mobility work and you can easily overtraumatize an area. A little goes a long way if done consistently.
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          This is the best damn thing I ever did for my shoulders

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