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  • Cryotherapy

    I've had a chance to use cryotherapy the last few months. I love it. Sadly the place is about a 45 minute drive from me so I am not always able to make it there. If you can get into this treatment please do. It is cool but really helps your soreness and improves your recovery!

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    We have a CryoKansas - Cryotherapy that just popped up not far from my house and work. It was kind of expensive though for the sessions - how much is yours? I haven't given it a try yet mostly so I don't get hooked and spend more money... lol
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      It costs $50 per visit or $245 for the month. The drive time is what kills me especially with winter approaching.
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        This seems really interesting! No DOMS? Accomplishing in 3 minutes what our body takes 24 hours to do? Seems amazing!

        With winter coming, can't we just go jump in a snowbank outside the gym after training? :P:poking:
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