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  • ShouldeRok

    Does anyone here own a ShouldeRok? I'd really like to have one, but they're kind of pricey. Is there a less expensive alternative?

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    I've never seen this before. Seems pretty cool. However I don't think it's worth nearly $200. Alternatives would depends on what your gym has available. My gym has light straight small bars to put weights on the ends with clips that you could easily do similar movements with. Hell even an EZ bar would be ok. Although gripping one end might be harder because of the diameter of the ends.

    I noticed the movements are all based around scapula motion to increase shoulders stability. Most people's shoulders suck because their traps suck even worse. Just do movements to strengthen scapula elevation, depression and retraction to stabilize the shoulder joints. Most guys should avoid rotation of the scapula as too much of this is what has fucked up their shoulders in the first place. It's very rarely a rotator cuff issue, although that's where the pain is.
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