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2015 Golden State Pro Pick 'Em contest

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  • 2015 Golden State Pro Pick 'Em contest

    Rules can be found here:

    But here's a quick refresher:

    One week prior to each of the Men's Open and 212 bodybuilding contests in the list below we will post a thread to a survey where you will be asked to provide your IM user name along with your predictions for the top 1-5 placings. Submissions will be accepted until 1 day prior to prejudging.

    Correct predictions will earn you one point each, and predictions that are one placing off will earn you a half of a point - so if you predicted the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place finishes correctly you would receive five points; while if you predict only the 1st and 2nd place finishes correctly (and no predictions off by a single placing) you would receive two points. Whereas if your predictions for 1-4 actually finish 2-5 then you would receive 2 points.

    We will keep a running point total for each member and will be awarding a prize to the member with the highest point total at several points throughout the year. Refer to the thread referenced above for additional details.
    Here is the link to the submission form. You'll have until Friday (8/14) @ 11:59PM EDT to submit your picks.

    Good luck!

    2017 NPC National Championships Classic Physique, Class D - 4th Place
    2017 NPC New England Championships Classic Physique, Class C - 1st Place
    2017 NPC East Coast Cup Classic Physique, Tall Class - 1st Place & Overall
    2015 Arnold Amateur Men's Classic Bodybuilding, Tall Class - 4th Place
    2013 NPC Europa Battle of Champions - 1st Place Novice Heavyweight, 2nd Place Open Light-Heavyweight