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Low Test: Looking to use TN MG Test and TN DIM

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  • Low Test: Looking to use TN MG Test and TN DIM

    Hi all:

    I have had low test levels for some time now. I am looking to buy MG Test booster and TN DIM.

    For a small guy like myself 180 lbs 10%bf would the recomeneded dose for MG Test booster still be needed (8 capsules daily).

    Also i read on here that alot of folks had estrogen and sore nipple issues; so I am going to purchase TN DIM. Any thoughts on how much DIM to use?

    Also: Did you all use it for 12 weeks on 12 weeks off or something similar?


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    Have you seen an endo


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      yeah you might wanna consult your endo before doing that if you are on hormone replacement theraphy

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