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Melanotan and Heart Health - Interesting

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  • Melanotan and Heart Health - Interesting

    Anyone see this? I am curious how much truth there is to this.


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    Melanotan and Heart Health - Interesting

    It's seems pretty preliminary but if it is true, it could have a lot of promise...and there will be a lot more tan people with healthier cardiovascular systems lol
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      I sure hope so. I guess that would change the demand for it and such if it's comfirmed.


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        I think the relevant question is how applicable are these finding to humans.

        I love that topics on superhuman radio, but the discussion of science in some cases has made me cringe so much I had to stop listening.

        In the the study where MTII was given (human equivalent was about 1mg / day) in mice (, the mice also did not lose weight, which is not typical, as MTII has an anorexic effect (limits appetite). This suggests that the MTII might have been having different effects here in this strain of mice verus other rodents.

        The mice were given a high fat diet and the mouse "model" was one with aberrant lipid metabolism that predisposes them to atheroschlerosis (lipid profile mimics that of humans with genetic predisposition to poor cholesterol).

        In that study, MTII did NOT affect the size of vascular (atheroschlerotic) plaque, but there was an anti-inflammatory effect the vessels were better able to vasodilate (both good things).

        So, one could go on and on. I'd like to have seen how the MTII affects life expectancy in those mice (if their lipid profile means they tend to die of heart disease).

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