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    I have an idea. Of course, that means that someone will likely try to fucking steal it because, well, that is what people do in this industry. However, if someone does steal my idea and try it themselves they will need a well-established and well-respected name in the industry or it won't work. And for the record, YOU might think you are well respected but OTHERS have to think that or it won't work.

    I have been brainstorming to come up with an idea to try to take care of, or help take care of, the problem with idiot trainers out there and I have come up with this idea and I want to know what you guys think of it.

    I haven't worked out the details for length of time, to what degree, how much money, etc., but ....

    I am considering starting to take trainers/prep guys under my wing for an extended period of time and not only teaching them what I know but then watching them as they work with something like 2 or 3 clients and supervising their consulting so that after some specified length of time they could end up "certified" as a TEAM SKIP approved trainer or prep guy with credentials they could provide or prove they have and use that for marketing and to build their business.

    I have no idea how long it would take to do something like this but off the top of my head I am thinking 6 months to 9 months of teaching/mentoring and then another 6 or so months of being supervised while working with a few clients. In the end they would be certified by me and could either train on their own or I might even consider taking some of them on my TEAM SKIP team so that they can work under my brand.

    Obviously, this would be expensive given the significance of the certification and the ability to generate much more money this way in the future for their business.

    It would be time-consuming on my end but I could even offer a discount to TEAM SKIP clients that might want to work with someone that was being shadowed by me. I would be just as involved in the consult but would not make initial calls as to adjustments and plans but overlook everything, essentially "ok-ing" everything unless I feel something is out of line or needs to be adjusted.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on this whether you think it is a good idea or not.


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    I think that's an awesome idea Skip. I think it will evolve into something big.


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      I like it a lot
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        I can dig the concept. I would certainly be interested to see it being executed.

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          I think it's a great idea and it's very comprehensive.
          On the flip side. Dave Palumbo is offering a one day course for $750 ten hour session on how to become a guru.
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            This is an awesome idea skip! What are the requirements to be picked to be under your wing? or do you already have these guys picked?


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              TEAM SKIP approved Trainers and Prep Guys

              I'll volunteer to be a test subject to "shadowed" trainers LOL!!!

              But it is a very cool idea. Something that I think can work for you because of your reach.
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                I'm not so sold. I think you would almost need to audit them indefinitely and allow them to use you're name whilst being endorsed by you.

                You're methods change and evolve and so must they or they will be giving outdated info saying "I'm Team Skip approved" certificate dated 5yrs ago, likely with their personal spin on things.....

                This has happened to DC to some degree, you get people posting they are doing DC but then exercise 1 is heavy low rep flat bench press.

                At first I think it could be a really good thing but long term you need to ensure you're name stays respected.

                I am involved in firearms training and that industry has great trainers who's methods and reputations are destroyed when others are trained by them and then run training, adding their own take and passing it off as coming from the guru.
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                  I think it's a good idea. I'd certainly love to volunteer if I was certain I could invest myself into it.

                  But I echo SAHD, having people take what you know and adding their own take into it and marketing it as yours would be an issue. I'd also be worried about people "fishing" for clients using your name. But then again this kinda stuff can be avoided if you pick the right/thrustworthy people for this.
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                    I like the idea but I too have my concerns.. I believe an enormous portion of your knowledge comes from experience,calculated failure, and ultimately success through trial and error and experimentation with a great deal of study, examination, and NOT by the book practices. You have the ability to see many things that I believe others cannot whether it's through your experience or talent for both . I have a hard time believing that there will be other people that will be able to mimic the results you have of your clients simply because of the sheer knowledge that you bring to the sport. This is not to say that others cannot be successful because there certainly are many examples but I do believe that some will take your ideas and spin them into something completely different and ultimately erode the great business and name you have built. Your methods fly in the face of most mainstream bs...hence why they work sooo damn well! Outside the box thinking scares the shit out of most people, particularly in the day and age where EVRYONE assumes successful people got there by luck, genetics, or drugs or a combination of all three instead of the and application.
                    The fact that I heard of you over four years ago overseas while deployed speaks volumes about your reputation in the fact that you get results every time...every damn time. Repeatable, predictable, results.
                    I'm having a hard time imagining multiple people being at your level in terms of your methods.
                    You've always been honest with me I cannot lie to you in this. I'm with SAHD, I don't trust others so changes people's ability to stay ethical in most cases.
                    I'm a client for life but only with YOU.

                    I hope you find the right path on this one Skip. I meet shitty trainers all the time, I need only mention TEAM Gorman...cough cough. Browse YOUTUBE and bad knowledge is everywhere.
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                      There are a lot of details to work out if I do this but one thing is for sure: I would not just hand over clients to someone, ever. It would be a situation where I was shadowing, looking over their shoulder and "approving" what was being told to the client by the understudy.


                      Facebook: Skip Hill
                      Instagram: @intensemuscle
                      YouTube: TEAMSKIP
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                        I actually joked about this with you the time I came to Colorado with my brother because I school sucks


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                          I could see where your shadowing would need to be done so you can ask the trainer why he/she did this or that and why they didn't try this or that...

                          On the job training is what it should be.


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                            It's a great idea, but parts of this have already been done before.*

                            *edit - in areas other than purely stage prep
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                              Sounds like a great idea and an awesome opportunity for trainers. You have mentored my trainer already which is one of the reasons I went with him.
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