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3 years with DC... 2015 Mike Francois Classic results

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  • 3 years with DC... 2015 Mike Francois Classic results

    Wanted to post a few pics from my show this past weekend, the Mike Francois classic. I placed 4th out of 7 in the open heavy class and 2nd in the novice of a class of over 20. I weighed in at 217, in 2012 I was 204 but soft very soft.

    I'm very happy with my results. In 2012 I competed and did not place in either class so this was a big accomplishment for me. I trained DC style pretty much the whole off season and through my prep except for a few weeks were I did more of a one body part a week volume routine.

    I'm in the tourquise blue trunks. I'll post more pics after we get back from vacation as most of them are on the computer and I'm posting these from my phone.

    Any questions at all just ask I'm very open about everything.

    Taking a week off from training and at the beach with my wife and son. Eating clean during the day but at night I'm basically eating whatever sounds good when we go out to dinner. When I get back I'll be back on a solid plan and hitting the 2 way split to start my off season. Plan is to grow into a super heavyweight.

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    Solid! Nice work. Your conditioning is great! Great shoulders and tiny waist give you a nice V-taper. Good wheels too. One critique would be a little more back thickness. Another offseason of heavy DC should help that!! Congrats, you looked awesome! You must be relatively tall?
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      Do you have pics from 2012? You look good brother!!! DC has lasted for this long because it works... Congrats on your showing Jeremy!
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        I do but I'll have to dig them up, I think I have an old thread on here with a few of them


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          Here's two more pics my wife had



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            Wow, congrats on your showing. you look awesome.


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              wow, great job! great physique! congrats on those placings.


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                Great conditioning, but I'm especially jealous of the wheels.


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                  congrats brother!
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                    I am not a huge bodybuilding follower...but I still very much appreciate the effort that goes into training, prepping, and being the best a guy/girl can be. So I figure I owe you some commentary since you took the time to post photos etc. First, you look 10x better than I could ever look. You definitely have that classic physique in the mold of a Bob Paris type bodybuilder. I truly believe this is the wave of the future and those mass monsters with 40" waistlines and distended bellies will be a thing of the past. All that said, keep it up! I would say if you had to pick an area to really focus on it would be lats, overall back thickness (not traps, you are good there) and calves. Like I said, you are way better than I will ever be, but I just wanted to provided some constructive feedback. Look forward to your progress in the future good luck brother.
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