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  • Complete newbie intro

    Hey guys

    I am an absolute newbie at forums etc but I stumbled across intense muscle and skips theories through listening to project bodybuilding and really like skips theories.

    I have been lifting a little shy over 2.5 years and currently am a week out from my first show I have prepped myself and definitely not happy with my condition and in retrospect I in future will seek the assistance of so,some like skip to help dial me in p.

    I'm uk based and entering the nab a South west novice class I'm looking forward to joining in and learning new things from being a member on here and look forward to chatting to you all

    I have attached pic of most recent progress depleted ... Roll on carb up
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    Glad to see you here!


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      Welcome to IM!
      Unless a man undertakes more than he can possibly do, he will never do all he can.

      Unfathomable progress is the result of consistent, daily steps toward a single goal


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        Originally posted by gsop_3 View Post
        Welcome to IM!
        Thank u bro


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          Originally posted by Ken "Skip" Hill View Post
          Glad to see you here!

          I have pm'd you


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            Welcome to IM Good luck at your contest! I hope you have a great experience. Keep us posted on the results.
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              Very nice! Welcome!

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