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Testicular cancer link found for muscle-building supplements

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  • Testicular cancer link found for muscle-building supplements

    I was watching Good Morning America when they dropped this interesting little tidbit about supplements and increased cancer risk.

    I myself question its validity, especially when you can't find the actual research online. The only place to get the full article is on "British Journal of Cancer" and they want to charge $32. I question the validity of the study especially when a researcher says,

    "Testicular cancer is a very mysterious cancer. None of the factors we've suspected can explain the increase."

    But then they some how linked it to supplements...

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    This article touches on the study:
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      This sounds like a case of "finding exactly what you are looking for". In other words, you can take data and draw conclusions, regardless of whether or not those conclusions are valid.
      My intro thread:


      • #4 has a good article on this. Under blog about 4 posts down