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    Dr. Mario DiPasquale designed this diet in 1995 and tailor-made it for bodybuilders so that they gain mass and keep body fat at bay. I just learned of this diet about 2 weeks ago (only because it came out when I was 4), and I have been dieting very similar to this for about a month before I learned of it.

    The gist of the diet is that you are keto throughout the week and then carb heavy with fats secondary and protein the lowest on the weekends. It also allows you to eat whatever you want on the weekends like pizza, beer, cookies, etc.

    Here is a link to a free pdf if you haven't heard about it and want to read his book:

    And here are the percentages of macros for weekdays and weekends:

    Carbs 5-8% (30 grams maximum)
    Fat 55-60%
    Protein 30-35%

    Weekends (36–48 Hour Carb Load)
    Carbs No Limit
    Fat 30–40%
    Protein 10–15%
    Carbs 45–60%

    I'm 6'0, ~242lb (237b when I started this). So since I have been doing this diet, I have put on about 5 pounds. The only thing I don't like about this diet is that I will look good on Fridays, be 6-12lbs heavier by Sunday and will have dropped half of what I gained by Wednesday and then I will be about a pound heavier for the week by Friday, then repeat. For example, last Friday I was 242, Sunday I was 250, this morning I am 245. So I have some definition by Friday, and a fat slob 2 days later. Another thing I don't like is the lack of fiber. If you don't take a fiber supplement and stay well hydrated then you might as well eat lava rocks and glass because that's what a bowel movement is gonna feel like.

    The things I do like about the diet is that it allows me a lot more flexibility so that I don't hate life because only eating clean can definitely suck. Another thing I like about this diet is that it helps to keep fat at bay while I continue to beat the log book. This is good because I'm somewhat of a mesomorph and will balloon up to 300lb really quickly if I don't watch what I eat.

    Lastly, I was just wondering what everyone's opinion is about the Anabolic Diet and if anyone here has ever tried it?
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    I did this diet for a little over a year and I really enjoyed it. Yes, you know you will look better certain days of the week lol there's not a lot of consistency in your physique. But for training DC, I constantly crushed my numbers and was strong as hell.

    The fiber was a tough one because it's stupidly hard to get enough from veggies. And finding a good fiber supplement without a lot of added carbs is tough. But you gotta find a way.

    I think for strength and progressing with weights in the gym this diet is great. But not that great for a good physique. Even when I controlled the calories (which you don't typically do) I still didn't lose any weight. The refeeds are suppose to bring your metabolism back up. But two days of refeeding isn't good for everyone and you can "spill over" pretty damn easy.

    You won't see anyone who competes on stage using a diet like this. At least I don't think. What I learned going back to a diet with moderate carbs was my metabolism was shit. However I would still recommend the diet to someone who needs something pretty basic to follow and had strength goals. And it is simple, eat steak and fatty stuff on the weekdays and carbs on the weekends.

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