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I may have just seen everything.

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  • I may have just seen everything.

    I just erased almost 3 paragraphs and was writing more so I will keep it simple.

    Wanted to use the squat rack. Guy says he is using it. I did something else while waiting. He was using the squat rack for over 30 minutes! For what? Tricep extentions......

    Yes you heard right. He had the pins lowered to just above knee height or so and had the barbell sitting on the pins. And he sat on top of the bar inside the rack while doing ez-curl overhead tricep extensions.......

    I never got to use the squat rack, I had to go. :ohwell:

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    I don't think a swift kick in the balls, while he is mid set, is really out of line in this particular situation.
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      I think that's lame and inconsiderate to people who want to use the rack for what it's supposed to be used for, but he pays membership fees just like you do.


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        I joined a small commercial gym close to my work for 9 bucks a month. I only go there when I am pressed or time. I thought I had seen it all until I saw a guy load up the barbell with the following (inside to outside). Collar>>>weight plate>>>end of bar.
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          lol while we are sharing...I just had some kid (without asking) come take my dumbbells in between sets (DB hammer curls) while I was standing right there recording in my log and answering another member's question! He didn't even look at me or make eye contact.
          The funniest/saddest part: There was another set of the same weight on the DB rack... he then proceeded to do decline DB press with my curling weight! WTF!!

          I just waited till he was done and took them back. ...what a tart!
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            I find that peeing on the floor around a piece of equipment i want to use is a great way to mark my territory.
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              Originally posted by Hop View Post
              I find that peeing on the floor around a piece of equipment i want to use is a great way to mark my territory.
              lolled especially with ur avatar


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                Who manages your gym and where was he? If you don't say something, guess what? Same thing next time.


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                  This is why i prefer to train in my own glorified garage gym. I don't have access to all the fancy machines, but I don't have to put up with inconsiderate people. I go to a real gym on leg day, but it's usually around lunchtime when everyone is in a spinning class.


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                    i feel bad when doing overhead presses out of the squat rack for this very reason


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                      Originally posted by Calipso View Post
                      i feel bad when doing overhead presses out of the squat rack for this very reason
                      Using a squat rack for an exercise that there isn't another piece of equipment for is fine. I use the squat rack for push presses because there is no other option for a rack at that level. Same goes for any standing press.

                      The problem is this: those people don't know any better and this is the part that we sometimes forget. I get very frustrated on occasion, as well, but the reality is that they aren't doing these things to piss us off; they are doing them because they don't know anything about etiquette. And they don't know about etiquette because they haven't been taught etiquette.

                      It absolutely sucks but we only know "the unwritten rules" because we have been doing it for so long.


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                          Originally posted by FRANK_KOVACIC View Post
                          ...playing Bingo at the Senior Center :shocked: