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a couple of pain questions

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  • a couple of pain questions

    I'm making really good progress with my lifts, very frequently beating the book, but I've been experiencing joint pain from doing certain exercises, and am trying to figure out what I can do about it.

    1. Elbow pain from deadlifts. They're stiff-legged deadlifts, if that makes any difference. The pain always shows up about a day after I do them, never during the workout. Mostly inner elbow pain. I've been trying to watch my form closely, but it's hard when I'm pushing hard at the end of a set.

    2. Knee pain from the leg press. Cybex leg press, if that matters. The pain is mostly in my outer knees, and again, usually manifests many hours after a workout, not during. I'm still a beginning lifter but have gotten much stronger on this exercise over the last few months--doing 600 pounds for five reps now. I'm excited to keep putting on more weight, but I'm afraid the knee problems are just going to get worse and worse. I don't know what I can fix on this exercise since it seems so simple--seems all there is to it is sit back, grab handles, plant feet, and push.

    Are there known common causes of these problems? I really need to start training with a group of experienced heavy lifters who can help correct my form, but I thought I'd just throw these questions out there in case anyone has any suggestions for things I can do right away.
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    When was the last time you took a cruise week for training?

    I would bet it has been a long time.


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      I'm with Skip on the cruise suggestion. That will probably help both issues.

      As for other things that might help:

      The elbow: Are you using an underhand grip on that arm? If you are, try switching to an overhand grip. Sometimes we will lean a bit more forward than we notice, and put a lot more stress on the joint by locking it out, and adding more pressure.

      The knees: If you are having pain in the outer knee, check your foot placement. Do you put your feet inside of shoulder width to target the outer quad? If you do, try coming out to shoulder width, or even just outside shoulder width for a few weeks and see if that helps. You will feel the exercise more in the inner thigh/adductor when done this way, but at least playing with foot placement will help you figure out your problem.
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        Use straps for the deadlifts... You're not powerlifting right?

        And I've found really stretching/foam rolling quads and IT band will help the knee pain. Also in the meantime, put your feet high up on the leg press platform, it can decrease the stress on the patellar tendon.
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          Yeah, I'd agree that it's time for a cruise. I've been at this full-bore for three months, and today was the last day of the program I was on, anyway. The cruise will give me time to decide what I want to do next.

          I'm using an overhand grip on the deadlift. Never tried underhand.

          I don't necessarily have anything against using straps for the deadlift, but I've decided that what I really want to do is strongman, and I don't know if straps will hinder me in that pursuit.

          As far as the leg press goes, I haven't been trying to target any certain part of my legs. I've just been trying to keep adding weight while positioning myself to minimize the knee pain. I've tried just about every position as far as moving my feet horizontally, but I haven't tried putting my feet up high on the platform. I'll give that a shot.

          I've done practically nothing as far as stretching, etc. goes since I started this program. I'll definitely use the foam rollers during my cruise, as well as do a lot of yoga--maybe even more yoga than lifting.

          What do you guys typically do when you cruise? Do you go in with a log book and an exact game plan like when it's war, or do you just show up at the gym and lightly train whatever you feel like training that day?
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