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Finishing a 12-week program and trying to decide what's next

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  • Finishing a 12-week program and trying to decide what's next

    I'm about to do the final week of this program:

    and I'm trucking along very nicely. I haven't missed a single workout or meal, my log book numbers have steadily increased on every exercise, and my pants are actually fitting more loosely at the waist despite the fact that I eat 6,000 + cal a day and have gained 17 pounds. Got some nice stretch marks developing under my arms, and I banged my elbow against a door frame the other day because I wasn't used to my arms being pushed out so far to the sides. :hat:

    Now I need to decide what to do next. One of Lee Hayward's suggestions is to simply do this program over again. That's tempting--I'd really like to see if I can keep on beating the log book the way I've been doing--but what I really want to do is strongman training, so I'm thinking maybe I should choose something that's more specifically geared toward that. Don't have access to any specialty strongman equipment ATM, though--just the standard stuff in a standard commercial gym.

    Ideas? I'm really open to considering anything.
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    what are your best lifts right now and do you have any injuries that hinder you from doing any movements in the gym?


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      You can always start training DC. You're on the right board to do it and get the right info. But without knowing how long you have been training it's hard to say.

      Other options would be arnold high volume program. It's pretty popular. Mainly cause it's "what arnold did".

      5-3-1 is big right now and 5x5 or Max OT seem to be making a comeback.

      Or you could just wing it. That's always fun. I tried some strongman stuff and my body did not agree with it and ultimately decided I couldn't handle it long term.

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        Personally, and this is me, if things are progressing nicely, you are making gains, getting stronger, feeling good, etc....I would not change programs. I'd ride that shit out, getting as much out of program XYZ as I could (now, I've never heard of that training program, but whatever works, kill it). 12 weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things...especially training.

        With that said, if your heart and mind isn't into it (doing the same program) and you want to try something different, then by all means try something different. Obviously, the decision is yours, and only you know what will 'scratch that training itch.'

        Good luck...would like to know what you decide and how that training, regardless of what it is, works out for you...

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          Same boat a Slide. Milk it till it's dry.


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            Thanks for the suggestions. What's really tempting me to switch to something else, I think, is that I have more aggression than this program requires, and I can't help but want to do a program that demands all-out effort. The program I'm on now specifically forbids going to failure; "heavy but not to failure" is the rule. DC is naturally very tempting, but it's been years since I've lifted with any regularity. I'm gonna make myself hold off on that. I'll repeat this program and stay with it as long as my log book numbers keep climbing. I'm sure my frustration over having to hold back will only increase, but then when I DO switch to a program that demands going to failure, I'll have that much more aggression to unleash.
            "Be kind, friendly and lenient towards your fellow man, but unrelenting and pitiless with yourself." -- Franz Bardon